The programme is the basis of all IRB coaching courses and continues to be the model adopted by the NZRU. It can be applied at all levels and across all sporting codes and can be adjusted to suit a campaign lasting 4 years to a weekly playing cycle and everything in between.

The structure of the programme is as follows:

The analytical tools can be grouped to create a complete course structure. In addition each tool can be used analytically to identify reasons for a lack of success, devise plans to improve, implement these plans and review for further improvement.

The programme can further be modified as a planning tool that places performance at the centre. This is based on the evaluation of all potential inputs on their contribution to success.

Long Term Elite Planning (click to enlarge image)









It is an inclusive programme that is able to accommodate change throughout the duration of the plan. It provides a mechanism whereby the use of resources has to be justified in terms of improvements in performance. This is based on the evaluation of complementary programmes in areas related to the game itself. Amongst these are strength and conditioning, sports psychology, nutrition and logistical planning. The process keeps the eyes of the organisation on the ball. When this is the case the best return possible is guaranteed both on the score board and in the accounts.

Lee Smith & Co is able to provide information on all aspects of planning and technical and tactical development based on 20 years of producing courses, articles and practical coaching techniques with a key focus on performance planning and mentoring. Empowering participants to develop in an organised and systematic way.