Lee continues to provide a very professional education program to the coaches in Oceania under his care. His rugby knowledge and expertise is valued by the participants and the IRB Trainers/Educators are able to learn from his vast rugby knowledge and repertoire of experiences.
Warren Robilliard  Coach Education Manager, Australian Rugby Union

Lee is undoubtedly the most prolific technical writer ever known in rugby, and as a result he has had a positive influence on the career of more coaches than anyone else in the rugby world. Coaching manuals for the NZRU, coaching modules for the IRB, and regular newsletter articles are just part of his original output. Lee has a great ability to develop and place his work in a highly structured framework that aids retention and understanding.
Brian “Box” O’Shea  Technical Advisor, Australian Rugby Union

Lee was the pioneer in developing our region when the IRB commenced its development programs. We have progressed greatly in development as well as results in IRB competitions and the effort put in by Lee has had a direct input in this. The reception and efficiency of the development program was assisted greatly by the fact that Lee relates well to our diverse membership and has come to be trusted and respected by the membership of FORU.
Harry Schuster  Chairman, Federation of Oceania Rugby Unions

Lee has extended an extensive range of advice and assistance over many rugby seasons. He is considered by CIRU to be a “go to man” and has always provided practical and strategic assistance that assists with the welfare and well-being of rugby in the Cook Islands.
Ben Koteka  Cook Islands Rugby Union

Lee’s energy to see rugby develop around the world is rather infectious. His high expectations of course participants ensure that the best possible Educators and Trainers are involved in the development of rugby in Oceania. Lee has always provided encouragement, clear guidance and a sound learning environment. He is prepared to ask hard questions of himself and others in a reflective but positive manner that ensures quality is continually being sort.
Hugh Galvan  IRB Trainer, Senior Lecturer, University of Canterbury

Lee has been an invaluable asset to Samoa rugby. His technical, tactical, administrative and management knowledge is superior and of top quality. He has demonstrated a high degree of pro-activeness while working beyond his limits. Samoa Rugby Union strongly supports Lee Smith as a provider of services related to rugby.
Peter Schuster  Chief Executive Officer, Samoa Rugby Union

Lee is true to his word but does not let us think we can have everything we want. He is realistic in the way he works with us to develop our KPI’s in line with what we can realistically achieve. If these achievements are not met Lee will work with us to improve the situation. His ability to facilitate our planning combined with his technical knowledge of rugby mean that we have invaluable help to develop our game.
Talemo Waqa  High Performance Manager and National Team Manager, Fiji Rugby Union

Lee has taught us how to implement the planning process in all areas of rugby, coaching, refereeing and administration. This process has not been imposed on us, instead Lee has worked with us right from his first visit to our union in 2001. Lee has great technical knowledge of rugby, but the process he teaches our coaches has encouraged them to approach the game in a very progressive way.
Etoni Tonga  Development Manager, Tonga Rugby Union