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Win – Paul Cammarata

By | July 29, 2018

It’s become a taboo word, not just in soccer but in all youth sports. Most recently the debate has become an issue of coaches choosing winning or development, as if they are mutually exclusive. Coaches who develop players the right way don’t have to choose either or because winning and development go hand in hand, […]

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Game Sense – V

By | January 10, 2018

Learning to sustain attention – to concentrate – is extremely important.  As mentioned previously, you may find that stilling the mind is helpful.  You can worry or think about other things later.  At this particular moment you must direct your attention to a specific task.  You can also repeat the number grid task described earlier […]

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Game Sense – IV

By | December 18, 2017

Part Two – Acquisition Phase During this phase you will learn how to develop your attention skills.  Methods to improve effectiveness in selective attention, ability to shift attention, and ability to concentrate are presented.  The exercises will be helpful to you as you develop your own skills. Selective Attention Selective attention can be developed by […]

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