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Defence from Scrums – a response to a query

By | August 27, 2018

I have been asked to explain my approach to defence from the scrum. What I have done provides a blueprint for scrum but is equally applicable to the line-out and defence from phase play. From phase play there tends to be more defenders in the defence line than there are attackers in the attack line. […]

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Win – Paul Cammarata

By | July 29, 2018

It’s become a taboo word, not just in soccer but in all youth sports. Most recently the debate has become an issue of coaches choosing winning or development, as if they are mutually exclusive. Coaches who develop players the right way don’t have to choose either or because winning and development go hand in hand, […]

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The Demise of Contest for the sake of Continuity at the Elite Levels of Rugby Union.

By | June 21, 2018

by Roy Harvey The initial reduction of ‘contest’ began several years ago with the interpretation of the post-tackle situation wherein a tackled player was permitted to reposition body position/ball location directly after a tackle. This replaced the requirement for the tackled player to release the ball and roll away/get to feet immediately – yet the same […]

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