Lee became involved with coaching from an early age and enjoyed roles at secondary school, senior club and provincial levels before joining the NZRU. Here began the on-going implementation of a coaching programme that continues to be a work in progress today.

The programme integrates Lee’s education (Lee has a Master of Arts in economic geography and a Post Graduate Diploma in Teaching and is also an IRB Licensed Trainer), career experience and intoxication with sport to produce coaching tools that optimise performance. Recognising that coaches were becoming dependent on content based practices and techniques that failed to take into consideration the individual characteristics of the athlete, the programme promotes a decision making/problem solving model that encourages self-empowerment in achieving success.

The game planning application of the programme generates a strategic plan that is unique to the strengths, weaknesses and needs of the particular person, team or organisation. So, while the process is constant, its application creates diversity based on the relevant profile to optimise performance.

Adopting these methods, Lee has worked successfully with a number of high profile, performance driven teams, including:

• All Blacks
• Hurricanes in the Super 15 competition
• National teams at all levels in the Pacific Islands, especially Fiji, Samoa and Tonga
• A number of provinces in the New Zealand Domestic Provincial competition

In his role as Director of Development with the IRB (1996-2001) and as Oceania Development manager (2001 – 2010) he conducted coaching and performance planning courses in most rugby unions around the world.

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